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Opening Club Soda 24

Last Thursday, Chemelot Campus and TMC held their first official drink at the new Club Soda 24. Chemelot and TMC started their cooperation in 2013 and came up with the idea of organizing a weekly recurring event to bring companies, researchers and students on-and off campus together and to stimulate the exchange of knowledge between (potential) campus-based companies. Besides Chemelot staff and TMC Employeneurs, there were a lot of other companies to toast to the kick-off of Club Soda 24.

"Club Soda 24 offers the perfect opportunity to meet new people, to start collaborations and to get inspired," Hugo Delissen, New Business Development Manager at Chemelot Campus, explains. "As a campus organization, it is our goal to help campus-based companies achieving success and to stimulate growth. In addition, we search for ways to connect campus-based companies with other companies on and off campus by the establishment of the Service Boulevard and by encouraging collaboration between companies, researchers and students. With Club Soda 24, we hope to express our vision on ‘open innovation’ and to offer a platform for both companies and employees to meet in an informal way."

TMC liaison Marc Schoenmakers has been working for Chemelot since November 2013. He contributes to Chemelot’s expansion by sharing TMC’s knowledge, skills and talent. Together with Arno Duis, Account Manager TMC Chemical, he puts a lot of effort into making Club Soda 24 a big success. "TMC and Chemelot decided on the name ‘Club Soda 24’, because ‘club’ refers to an international environment and ‘soda’ stands for both a chemical name and, of course, soft drinks, which you can get at the bar of Club Soda 24. It makes a nice combination of what we like to express. We didn’t know exactly how many people would join us. Considering the fact that many different companies were present, I believe we can look back on a very inspiring and successful opening!"

Besides the event on Thursday, campus-based companies will get the opportunity to present themselves in a creative way during a lunch presentation. TMC is the first of these companies that will give a presentation in building 24.

Club Soda 24: every Thursday afternoon from 4.00 PM - 6.00 PM at building 24, Chemelot Campus.

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