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Nanotechnology will change every product around us

“In the future nanotechnology will be used more and more in everyday products. Right now it is common practice to use nanotechnology in the high-tech sector, but soon it will be used in practically every low-tech industry too.”

Ted van Hoof (32) is account manager at TMC Nanotechnology. After finishing his Masters on nanotechnology and working in the field himself, he now searches for the best matches between businesses and Nano-engineers. “We all have a technical background here. We know all the people and their strengths, and we know all the relevant projects underway. Because of that, we are able to make the perfect match between the engineer, project and company.

TMC Nanotechnology is a spinoff of TMC Physics. Ted van Hoof explains: “TMC Nanotechnology is a perfect example of the cell-philosophy of TMC: to bring like-minded people together to create a strong network of knowledge, entrepreneurship and people that are willing to help each other. TMC Physics was such a success we needed to split it. We saw an opportunity on the nanotechnology market. And with this new cell we are of course also continuing the philosophy of TMC with its employeneurship model. Within TMC Nanotechnology we have four focus fields: Tool & Process Development, Nanomaterial Synthesis & Functionalization, Microfabrication & Modelling and Material Characterization. In each field we have specialists, but also project managers and architects that understand all the technology of a project and at the same time keep an eye on the bigger picture.”

TMC Nanotechnology already has big clients like ASML, DSM, Philips and TNO, but is now also focussing on smaller businesses and start-ups. “We invest in start-ups by providing the people, flexibility and knowledge they need. It’s great for small start-ups because we help to successfully put a product on the market and we as TMC also carry some of the risks.”

The future of nanotechnology is enormous according to Ted: “With nanotechnology we can change the characteristics of materials at the smallest level, while they still look the same to the human eye. You can make clothing that is impossible to stain. You can make a road that, when it cracks, will repair itself. Practically every product on today’s market – high and low-tech – can be innovated using nanotechnology. Sometime in the near future, every company will be using nanotechnology to develop its next-generation products.”

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