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NanoCity 2015: a great journey into nanotechnology!

On October 5 and 6 2015, TMC Nanotechnology in cooperation with NanoNextNL organised the so-called Matchmaking@NanoCity at the second edition of NanoCity. During this event a broad audience came together to show and discuss the achievements made in nanoscience and nanotechnology and the possibilities in the near future. This year, NanoCity was hosted in the so-called Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort, an industrial location that was completely transformed into a railway station. Within this inspiring setting scientists as well as industrial specialists, students, entrepreneurs and policymakers discussed and presented the latest development in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

‘The work field of nanoscience and nanotechnology is developing rapidly,’ Ted van Hoof, Account Manager of TMC Nanotechnology states. ‘Over the past years there have been many scientific breakthroughs that have opened new ways to provide solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s global challenges. To give the knowledge workers who came up with those solutions a bright outlook, TMC Nanotechnology and NanoNextNL joined forces and organised the inspiring Matchmaking@NanoCity event. This event has proven to be the perfect place for companies and talented PhD students in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology to get to know each other. During the two-day event they have the opportunity to present themselves, expand their network and meet new companies and peers. As organisation with a broad international network TMC has started months ago with all the preparations, like contacting renowned companies and selecting talented PhD students for Matchmaking@NanoCity.’

One-year contract

‘The first of the two-day program we started with a kick-off by NanoCity station master Eppo Bruins,’ Ted continues. ‘After that we had some interesting presentations and lectures by Darrell Schlom (Cornell University) and Andy Yun (Harvard Medical School), who talked about thin film alchemy and the opportunities of bio-optics. The day continued with sessions to discuss bio-nano, energy, sensors and actuators, nanomaterials. Besides that, TMC organised a career development workshop for the selected group of PhD students. Moreover, Robert van Tankeren, Director of TMC Physics, gave a presentation about career development in the industry. During the second day we challenged the students to join in a business case and a matchmaking event. They were offered the opportunity to show how they participate in a group and what kind of results they can achieve in a short amount of time. After that we organised “speed dating-like” matchmaking sessions to connect the PhD students with the renowned companies. With the outcome of the participation in the workshop, the business case and the matchmaking sessions, PhD student Benjamin Brenny was lucky to win a one-year contract at TMC Nanotechnology. The award was handed over to him by Marcel Ernes, the Director of TMC Nanotechnology, during a special Award Ceremony at the end of the second day.’

Great success

‘We look back at a very successful second edition of NanoCity,’ Ted tells. ‘TMC has got the opportunity to present itself and share and increase knowledge about the latest developments and technologies in the nano work field. Besides that, we have proven to be a dedicated partner for companies active in nanotechnology and make the perfect match between talented PhD students and (potential) clients. Moreover, with our participation in NanoCity we have put TMC Nanotechnology in the spotlight. The feedback of the guests has been very positive and we are looking forward to organise the next Matchmaking@NanoCity in 2016!’

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