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Meeting Stephen Hawking

The venue of this year's edition of PLANCKS, an international contest for physics students, was the Utrecht Beatrix Theater. With an eminent program – featuring Nobel price winner Prof. Dr. Gerard 't Hooft and experimental physicist Prof. Dr. Immanuel Bloch – the 500 seats for the opening session were sold out within a minute. But meeting Stephen Hawking was probably the major cause of the run on tickets.

Especially Stephen Hawking drew a lot of media attention. The famous physicist addressed one of his favorite themes: “The Universe as a Hologram”.

For decades, man has been coming up with scientific theories on how everything we perceive (see, hear, feel, etc.) as human beings could actually all be holographic. However, due to the fact that the cosmological horizon has a limitation area that grows with time, cosmological holography has not been made accurate in terms of mathematics.

The theory was originally inspired by black hole thermodynamics, which theorizes that all objects that have fallen into a black hole can be held in surface fluctuations on the event horizon. The principle of holograms appears to resolve Stephen Hawking's well known 'black hole information paradox' inside of the framework of string theory.

After thirty years of claiming that a black hole destroys everything that falls into it, Stephen Hawking recently announced that he might have been incorrect. The laws of quantum physics say that such information can never be entirely wiped out. Hawking now believes that black holes keep on emitting radiation for a long time until eventually they open up to reveal the information within.

As a sponsor of student organization A-Eskwadraat (the organizer of PLANCKS), TMC treated some of its friends and customers to this event that ended in an informal get together with chitchat on many scientific and technical topics. And, of course, meeting Stephen Hawking means time for a picture.

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