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Luca family moves from Romania to the Netherlands to join TMC

On October 1st, Marius and Ana-Maria Luca joined the TMC family. This is a special event for both the Luca family and TMC, because the Lucas moved all the way from Romania to the Netherlands to become part of our team, and it’s also the first time a couple have joined TMC Electronics together. Marius, Ana-Maria, and their two daughters (2 and 6) are now living in Nijmegen, where Ana-Maria has already started working for NXP semiconductors. Marius is currently in multiple talks to start his first project.

An exciting invitation

Marius and Ana-Maria were both working at the same company in Romania, Marius as an IC Test Engineer and Ana-Maria as a Configuration and Change Manager. It was Ana-Maria who was first contacted by TMC through LinkedIn: “I got a message that TMC had a position that matched my profile. Of course I was curious in the beginning. But unfortunately the first position did not get confirmed. But we kept in touch, and after a while TMC found a position for me at NXP Semiconductors, and that one did get confirmed. I mentioned that my husband and I were both engineers in semiconductor technologies, so our TMC account manager proposed that we both come and work for TMC. We liked that idea very much.”

Life in the Netherlands

Marius: “Yes, it’s all been very exciting and a big step to take. But we are very happy to have done it. We like the country and the city. There are a lot of parks and trees, green grass and fresh air. It’s not like Bucharest, because in Bucharest there are lots of cars and pollution. Here, everybody rides a bicycle, which is amazing. Also, the infrastructure you have here for bicycles is very impressive. In Romania, if you want to ride a bicycle, you do so at your own risk. The children love it here, too.”

Ana-maria adds: “Our eldest daughter is already going to school to learn Dutch. It’s a full-year programme to learn the language. We want her to integrate here as fast as possible. The school system here is much better than in Romania, as are the hospitals and medical facilities.”

Stability and the opportunity to develop yourself

Marius: “The reason we came here had nothing to do with the money. In Romania we worked for a multinational company, so there isn’t much difference there. But the opportunity to live in the Netherlands, together with everything TMC has to offer, made the choice pretty easy. The combination of a permanent contract, while having the option in the future to change the company you’re at and the product you work on, is truly amazing. The stability and opportunity to develop yourself that TMC offers its Employeneurs is very exciting.”

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