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Last Call: Practicality Tests

At the finish the Australian Solar Team Sunswift - with their sexy 2-seater sports car called eVe - beat Stella with 1 hour 23 minutes.

But while the competitors of the 2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge have finished in Adelaide after an epic 3.020-kilometer journey, cars of the Cruiser Class are now being judged on practicality and design. Speed is only one of the four aspects that count for winning.

The Cruiser Class differs from the original Challenge Class in many ways. While the cars in the Challenger Class are designed to maintain the highest average speed as possible, like the Nuon Solar Team successfully accomplished, the cars of the Cruiser Class are not only judged by the time it took to drive from Darwin to Adelaide, but also on energy efficiency, person kilometers travelled and potential of design appeal & practicality.

Today the cars are being judged on practicality like the amount of sufficient space for suitcases, design details of the car, license plate registration, how many passenger seats and the ability of parallel parking.

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