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It Is All About Who You Are

Thijs Manders is back as a CEO of TMC. In 2011 TMC’s founder moved to a non-executive position as Chairman of the TMC Board. He planned to devote more time to his other investments, but customers did not understand.

In a recent issue of the Dutch newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad, he explains his move back to execution power. “I am not a supervisor. I am an entrepreneur, too impatient for lengthy meetings. I am the figurehead; someone who expresses his vision and inspires TMC’s workforce.”

Manders is an outspoken advocate of a more prominent role for technology and for technology professionals in Dutch society. It bothers him that trained technologists are rewarded less than legal and financial professionals, while technical innovations are the key to growth and prosperity. TMC customers regard him as The Man in that arena.

Manders’ passion is the introduction of Employeneurship as a contemporary working arrangement. In this concept TMC provides employees (called Employeneurs) with a combination of a fixed long-term contract and incentives for acting as an entrepreneur who sets business targets or acquires innovative projects. The company supports its individual Employeneurs in their personal and professional development.

People who enhance technology and the world of breakthrough innovations and cutting-edge applications are the elements that inspire this alpha-trained entrepreneur pur sang. He is completely positive: “Not what you know, but who you are, is what makes the difference. People are responsive to passion and inspiration.”

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