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“It feels like I have my own company within a company that has 2.000 employees”

After successfully completing his studies in chemical technology and setting up his own startup, Guido Lensen started working as a business manager at TMC. Over the past five years, he has taken several steps to realize his ambition - to be a good and influential employer for as many people as possible: "Together we give substance to a career."

For as long as he can remember, Guido has wanted to be a good and influential employer. He grew up in Limburg, where a chemical company has been a large employer for years. One where, if you wanted, could work a lifetime. “I myself experienced how important it is that the employer contributes to being happy at work. TMC offers me perspective to grow within the company, transparency, a lot of contact and genuine interest. This encourages me to do my best every day. For myself and for 'my' employeneurs.”

Think and act fast

The last few years, Guido enjoyed working in Eindhoven for TMC, but the idea of ​​returning to Limburg never left his mind. Therefor he took small and large steps. For example, he hired more people from Limburg, sought clients in this region and expanded his network and name recognition. He also set up a collaboration with the Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs. Which lead to study and internship supervisors got to know TMC as a good employer where you can build your own future. After five years the question arose: why don't we open an office for TMC in Limburg? Guido shared his wish –to open and manage that office – with practically everyone within the company. And successfully so. He got a ‘go’ from his supervisor and director. “It went fast and that's so cool. We think and act fast at TMC. If there is a good story, you get the confidence and space to do business. Opening this office makes it feel like I have my own company, only within a company with 2.000 employees. It suits me so well and is one of the reasons why I see myself working here for a long time.”


An important objective for TMC - and Guido himself - is to ensure all disciplines offered in Eindhoven are also represented in Limburg. “It’s the direction we both want. With our office on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus TMC is close to the fire and easily accessible. This new office offers network, good accessibility and the location itself is beautiful.” Guido now supervises twenty employeneurs and is in a development process to realize his ambition - to be a good and influential employer for as many employeneurs as possible - and to grow the office on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus. “I am currently training new people who, under my supervision, will do the same as I have done the last few years. To prepare myself for managing and supervising a growing team, I follow a management development program within TMC. This will enable me to better manage other business managers in the future.”


For Guido, a career always remains a quest. In order to give substance to this as well as possible, he likes to take a look at other people's kitchens. “I think it's important to see what others are doing and why, I want to know how they approach things. For example, I once had lunch with the former CEO of a big company and I asked him all I could about what made the company such a good employer.” Guido believes if you want to be a really good employer you have to make people want to stay longer. You have to listen to them, think along with them and offer opportunities. “That is quite difficult these days. People change jobs within a few years because they want to move on to a different role. The fact they go work for another company is partly because there are few or no career opportunities.” At TMC we do offer these opportunities. “We give substance to the long-term perspectives of our employeneurs. And the great thing is, it goes hand in hand with the things both TMC and I want to achieve: being a good employee for as many people as possible.”

Want to know more? Please reach out to us:

Guido Lensen

Business manager Chemical, Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)6 13 08 87 22

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