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Inspiring TMC Renewables Workshop

On January 15, TMC Renewables organized an inspiring evening program about the technological developments and outstanding challenges of offshore wind power. The renewables workshop was held at the TNO building on the campus of the TU Delft, an excellent location for this program.

Harald van der Mijle Meijer, senior Business Developer Offshore Wind at TNO, was the host of the program. He started with a brief introduction on offshore wind power and the introduction of two experts: Professor Gijs van Kuik and Dr. Ernst van Zuijlen. In their presentations, they stressed the importance of wind power to our society and they introduced current developments and challenges from their point of view. Professor Gijs van Kuik works at TU Delft as a Scientific Director of its Wind Energy Institute (DUwind) and, among other things, he spoke about the steps in science and technology needed to enable the progress of wind power and some new concepts for the future. Dr. Ernst van Zuijlen, director at TKI wind-op-zee, gave an interesting view on the cost reduction and scaling of wind power. The two presentations gave a very good impression of the role of offshore wind power in the future.

TMC Employeneurs Sibe Mennema and Jan Gilot, both member of the TMC Renewables team and organizers of the workshop, look back on a very successful evening. Sibe: ‘It’s our goal to promote TMC as multidisciplinary project partner on the market of renewable energy by organizing inspiring lectures and workshops on several hot topics in renewable energy, like offshore wind energy and introduce speakers that have a significant contribution. Additionally, we attempt to establish co-operation with energy consultants, interest groups and funding partners.’ Jan: ‘With around 50 guests, varying from TMC Employeneurs, TU Delft students and people from the wind power industry, we can conclude that the workshop was a great success and the interest in renewable energy is very high!’

In 2015, TMC Renewables will organize more events, in which thought-provoking topics in the area of renewable energy will be presented and discussed. The events are open for all TMC Employeneurs. Please register for an event by sending a message to

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