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Innovative recruiting: In-House Day & High Potential Pitch

This year, TMC have launched two new initiatives in their continuous efforts to recruit the best-of-the-best highly educated technicians and researchers: the In-House Day and the High Potential Pitch. One of the initiators is Bram Thelen, account manager at TMC Physics.

In-House Day

Bram: “The In-House Day is an extension of the university job fairs. At those job fairs it’s difficult to really get to know these potential employeneurs who are just entering the job market, and it’s difficult for them to really understand what TMC is all about. So at those job fairs we encourage the most enthusiastic students to apply for our In-House Day. Out of all the people who register, we select the 20 to 25 most interesting applicants, based on their CV, their motivation and the impression they made at the job fair. At the In-House Day itself, we try to inspire people, to trigger them to think about their career, and we tell them what TMC and the employeneurship model is all about.”

Houcine Dhieb is one of the three people who were hired through the In-House Day. Houcine: “Honestly, I think it’s one of the best ways of interviewing people. I have had other interviews before, but this open day is a great way to get to know the real person. It’s way better than the classical method, sitting at a table with your CV in front of you. The day included some small presentations, a few intelligent interactive games and a case study. It was a great informal way to get to know each other, to see how people react under different circumstances, and how they think. It was all very professional.”

High Potential Pitch

Bram: “Where the In-House Day focuses on newcomers to the labour market, the High Potential Pitch focuses on people who are looking for a new challenge in their careers. We invite between six and eight potential employeneurs who we have already talked to and we ask them to pitch themselves to a group of TMC directors and account managers in no more than 10 minutes. If somebody convinces us that he or she has TMC employeneurship potential, we offer them a contract on the spot, even if we don’t have a project for them yet.”

Izan Castro Molina was hired through a High Potential Pitch and he very much enjoyed the process: “The pitch itself is brief and quick, but you have a lot of people examining you who have a lot of experience in hiring. In 10 minutes you introduce yourself, your background and why you want to work for TMC. Doing things fast may suggest that you don’t get to know people so well, but before the pitch I also had a little chat with an account manager for almost an hour. Besides being an interview, it’s also a test of how well you perform under pressure.”

Bram: “Hiring somebody without a specific project in mind demands commitment from both sides. It shows that a person is willing to work for TMC because of what we stand for, regardless of the work they are going to do. And at the same time, TMC is saying that we have faith in that person.”

Recruitment 2.0

Bram: “Both initiatives are a great way to get to know candidates better. It’s a creative and innovative way to recruit people. We distinguish ourselves as a company, and at the same time candidates have to do something extra to become part of the TMC family. To start a relationship like this is much better than just recruiting somebody through the Internet.”

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