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Innovation Power NL

October 10, TMC organized a customer event at Nemo, Amsterdam, titled: 'Innovation Power NL'. In short: it was an interesting and interactive event, very well appreciated by its attendants. Successful in the sense that we gave something valuable and at the same time entertaining to our innovative partners.

The afternoon session was chaired by Judith de Bruijn, who actively involved the audience in the subjects covered by Eppo Bruins (director STW) and André Kuipers (astronaut). Eppo Bruins held an eye-opening speech about the challenges the growing global population is facing in terms of food supply, energy consumption, clean drinking water and natural resources in general. His thoughts were backed by clear facts & figures, showing where problems and scarcity are expected to arise first. He claimed that we will not be able to “simply engineer our way out of it” this time, but that a structural different approach supported by break-through innovations will be needed.
In his contribution, André Kuipers, gave his view on the above when looking to our planet from the outside. The ever growing world population and urbanization clearly showing at night, when the earth is lighted like a Christmas tree, or in his words: like stars in the sky. The fragileness of our atmosphere, reduction of polar ice…all clearly observable from the international space station. At the same time André Kuipers led us through his journey from training to his time at the international space station and back. Supported with beautiful pictures, movies and anecdotes made his presentation both learning as well as entertaining.

The day was completed by a joined dinner & drinks.

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