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Holiday greetings from a 3D printer

“What do you do when you want to learn something in which there is no training available? Well, why not organize it yourself!?”

This thought is what started the outline for the 3D printing challenge held for two nights in November. A dedicated group of Employeneurs took up the task of organizing a training on a subject on which they had barely any knowledge. Because, even though we all heard of 3D printing, there seems to be a lot confusion and disagreement about its possibilities.

3D printing is viewed as an intriguing and futuristic way of producing, what we believed, almost anything in any shape you want it. But more important, it is easy! So, while we’re at it, why not combine theory with practice and try actual 3D printing for ourselves!? This was achieved by providing the participants not only with an interesting lecture on the 3D printing in steel by Arno Grams, but also with a 3D printing challenge, which had everything to do with TMC and the holiday season.

Participants were challenged to form groups and come up with a design for a TMC Christmas ornament which could be produced within the constraints of 3D printing. It challenged them to think completely differently about their designs and with that explore the opportunities and impossibilities of it at first hand. Their designs were presented during a second evening, where a jury of ‘at least one’ professional, gave feedback. In the end all participants got their own design printed as a memory of two night of successful learning about 3D printing.

Let’s see what the development in 3D printing will bring us the coming year, and just maybe TMC will be exploring the new possibilities during a 2015 3D-printing challenge.

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