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Future of PLC Software Design

“Todays' PLC software engineers have to program on a more abstract level to handle next generation systems”, states Benno Beuting, Director of CORDIS Software Design Automation. His company offers a CAD platform for multi-disciplinary PLC software design, integration and service. He has been invited to shed some light on this topic during a session at TMC’s.

“Software takes an ever-growing share in mechatronic systems. The complexity of PLC software systems is increasing, while the tolerance for error is decreasing”, continues Benno. “This puts an end to the current way of working. Top level reliability is the ultimate challenge. In addition, mechatronic design issues require a multidisciplinary approach. Only with a joint contribution by different disciplines, it is possible to form a proper representation in the design stage of the final solution. Using a common modeling language makes this possible. Generating the PLC software code from these models boosts productivity and quality, so big cost savings can be achieved”, Benno explains.

The people present listen attentively. For the first time, TMC’s clients have been invited too. Pieter van Rees of Actemium is one of them. His company hires TMC Employeneurs: “I am here because I face the same challenge as the speaker of this evening does: creating a platform that allows a project team, consisting of people from different disciplines, to make a functional design for a system in such a way that it is understandable for all people involved. Next, this design can be used to automatically generate plc/hmi code and to validate it afterwards.”

The initiator of this session is TMC Mechatronics' accountmanager Marco Haasjes: “I believe in Cordis and what they do. There really is a future on the industrial automation market. It has already been done on the high-tech markets. I wish to create awareness on the market of industrial automation, because the product is of good quality and reduces costs.”

During the presentation, a ‘live demo’ shows how the software is successfully applied at several companies. “In my opinion, this software design gives new markets great chances in the nearby future”, concludes TMC Mechatronics' Peter van der Krieken.

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