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Facing Challenges In Sochi

On the eve of 2014 TMC Field Service Site Supervisor Antoine Bos started a very difficult but challenging project. “I travelled to Sochi to support contractor Vekoma with the construction of a roller coaster for a huge amusement park. The opening date is set on the 1st of July this year. By then the roller coaster has to be ready to go”.Sochi Roller Coaster Under Construction

Antoine's assignment was to relieve both the electrics supervisor and the mechanics supervisor, but he soon found out that there simply was no structured plan. “Now, I monitor the progress of the project on a daily base and discuss the need of manpower, cranes and equipment with contractors and directors. I have a lot of experience, but this is certainly one of the most difficult projects I have ever worked on. Usually it takes more than 10 hours per day to keep up with the schedule.”

“Working on the site means dealing with many harsh circumstances. For example, it took me almost 4 weeks to get a simple whiteboard for writing instructions. Security and police control in Sochi is bizarre. Every time I enter the site, everything is checked thoroughly: quite time-consuming! Many things are scarce, even the telephone connections are bad. Sometimes I am not even sure whether I am talking to the right person".

Antoine is not easily demotivated and feels determined to finish this project. He says it plain and simple: “When I start a project, I want to finish it as well. My regular phone calls with the TMC home base surely help."

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