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Employeneurs preparing for triathlon with team Squadra

“I like challenging myself: setting goals and then designing a path to reach them. Once you know the path, you just need to follow it as well as you can,” says Bart Lipsch, TMC employeneur.

Since the end of June, Bart Lipsch and 19 other TMC employeneurs have been in professional triathlon training. They have teamed up with the Dutch triathlon team Squadra-Kalas as part of the Road2Tri project. Bart Lipsch initiated the collaboration. He explains: “I had an ambition to do a triathlon and was looking for the best way to prepare myself. I already knew about others at TMC who were also interested in doing a triathlon. I contacted Squadra and we talked about the possibilities, and then we came up with the idea of professional triathlon training for TMC employeneurs. We were very happy that when we presented the idea to TMC they were enthusiastic about it too. The number of participants has been greater than we anticipated. It’s clear that the people at TMC like a challenge! It’s a tricky thing to learn one sport, let alone three.”

Over the five years of its existence, the professional triathlon team Squadra-Kalas have made steady progress into the top regions of the national and international triathlon scene. They were recently crowned as national team champions and are now leading the Dutch premiership. Rick van Riemsdijk is High Performance Therapist at the Squadra-Kalas Team and is in charge of preparing the TMC employeneurs for their endeavour. Rick: “Road2Tri is a great project. It fits perfectly into our vision to promote the sport while being less reliant on sponsorship. In that sense, doing this project is our way of embracing the same entrepreneurial spirit as TMC. The TMC athletes are brilliant. I never have met a group of people who are so highly motivated towards a goal and who are so keen to learn. Most athletes just want to clock up a lot of kilometres in training, but the athletes of TMC are very excited about learning the best techniques to improve their performance – this is critical, because everything in a triathlon is about saving energy.”

Triathlon participants Joost van Oosterhout and Danny Lankers are very enthusiastic about the whole experience. Danny: “We train with Squadra twice a week: Thursday we train running and cycling and Sunday we train swimming. And every week we get a custom-made personal program to train at home. It’s very professional. We get lectures on nutrition and about how to prevent injuries. It’s great to participate in something like this. I don’t know of any other company that’s doing anything like it.” Joost: “It’s very rewarding to learn the best techniques for each sport. For example: how best to breathe and use your strength while swimming. After two lessons I could already swim much faster thanks to our professional training. Whenever we need advice, we can just email the trainers and get an immediate response. This level of support is fantastic.”

Rick: “We are working towards to triathlon in Lommel in Belgium on 9 August. We’ve got three teams competing together and others will do the triathlon individually. Lommel is a great event for spectators because the athletes pass through the town multiple times. We hope that a lot of people from TMC will come along and cheer on their colleagues.”

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