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Eindhoven Relay Marathon: Four TMC teams accept the challenge

This year sees the 32nd edition of the Eindhoven Marathon. Over the last years it has become a tradition for several TMC teams to run the relay marathon together in the business relay run. This year no less than four TMC teams are participating; a total of 16 TMC employees. From all parts of the company people are stepping up to the challenge.

Marcel Ernes, Director of TMC Nanotechnology, is a long-time participant: “This year I am part of the most competitive team out of the four. We are hoping to compete for the prizes. TMC won the relay business run three years ago, but my guess is that it will be very difficult to repeat that this year. Nevertheless, we will give it our best shot. For me, the distance itself it not that much of a challenge; my biggest motivation to participate is to accomplish something together as a team.”

Lieke Bax, financial staff member of TMC is running the marathon with a complete Finance Team: “Last year was the first year we participated with a complete Finance team. This year Finance has two new employees, so we thought it would be a good idea to participate with the four of us again. Each morning we ask each other if we have run. We are currently encouraging each other. I have made some bold claims of running my part within 55 minutes, so I really hope to achieve that!”

For Jos de Bel, Software Consultant at TMC Software, it will be his third time taking part: “I joined TMC three years ago and one of the first things they asked me was if I would like to run in the relay marathon. I have been running long distance for over 15 years and really like it. With the relay marathon I really appreciate the concept that you are part of a team and that everybody is dependent on one another. Normally running is very individual, but with the relay marathon there is much more team spirit. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know your co-workers better. You accomplish something together within a short period of time.”

With a group of TMC Employeneurs recently participating in the triathlon (link: and now again in the marathon, the question rises whether TMC Employeneurs are especially interested in long distance sports? Marcel Ernes does see some similarities: “I think Employeneurs generally like a challenge and like setting goals that lie outside their comfort zone. That inner drive is something I also saw during training for the triathlon and now again with the marathon. Settings goals and going all the way to achieve them is something I recognise in many Employeneurs.”

The 32nd Eindhoven Relay Marathon is on the 11th of October. Runners start at 10.00, on the Mathildelaan in Eindhoven. For more information check the Eindhoven Marathon website (link:

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