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'Eindhoven Business'

October 1 marks the launch of a new glossy. ‘Eindhoven Business’ focuses on the many innovative aspects of the Eindhoven Brainport Region, known to be be a new Silicon Valley.

Its articles range from the one-stop-shop in Eindhoven for expats, the quality of live in the region, to smart products ready to launch.

TMC provides high tech professionals to many of the companies in this Brainport Region. Therefor it is no surprise to find an interesting article on TMC’s latest cell: Technology Executives.

Cell-director Katja Pahnke explains the core competencies of her employeneurs: “A technology executive is a specialist, and a company’s technical conscience. Our employeneurs are forward-looking and strategic. They are specialist in development and growth for large and medium-sized technology companies.”

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