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Co-simulation in high-tech Engineering

In today’s high-tech engineering multi-disciplinary systems are developed, consisting of sub-systems and components that need to work flawless together. The working of these sub-systems and components needs to be tested and this cannot be realized by using just one simulation tool. Here co-simulation offers us the right solution. Co-simulation is a simulation method that allows individual sub-systems and components to exchange information in a co-operating manner and by using several simultaneous ongoing simulation tools the working of the multi-disciplinary system is simulated and tested. By using co-simulation, we get a realistic and reliable outcome of how the multi-disciplinary systems will work together. Also it reduces development costs and increases development speed. To inform clients about the working and advantages of co-simulation, TMC and partner In Summa organized a unique event to explore the world of co-simulation in high-tech engineering.

The co-simulation event was held at the inspiring premises of the Philips Stadium in Eindhoven. On Thursday the 23rd of April 30 clients of both TMC and In Summa joined an interesting programme about the working of co-simulation. ‘We started a cooperation with In Summa around half a year ago,’ Marco Lemmen, Senior Account Manager at TMC and one of the initiators of the event explains. ‘TMC and In Summa have a shared customer base in which In Summa realizes the technology for business intelligence solutions, custom software and simulation software and TMC delivers the right staff, the Employeneurs. To inform our clients about this successful cooperation and to stimulate sharing our knowledge, we organized an inspiring event about one of the hot topics at the moment in high-tech engineering: co-simulation!’

Co-simulation in practice

The event started with a welcome given by Marco Lemmen and Joeri Voets, Managing Director TMC West. After that, Johan Morsink, Managing Director at In Summa Innovation gave a brief introduction about the impact of simulations and an explanation on co-simulation. His conclusion: co-simulation has definitely proven its value by reducing costs, encouraging cooperation between production and engineering and by simply providing a better approximation of the reality. Next on the programme was an interesting presentation about the different methods of simulation given by Senior Technology Consultant, Dr. Michel Azoulay, who showed some examples of how different simulations can work together in co-simulation technology. He illustrated co-simulation by giving several examples and showing how statistic and dynamical calculations can lead to a successful co-simulation.

Social networking

The event was enlightened by a guided tour in the Philips Stadium whereupon the programme continued by an interactive part about the state-of-the-art simulation tools. Three experts of In Summa discussed different types of co-simulation so that the clients could get a better understanding of these co-simulation tools. At the end of the event, there was an informal drink, the perfect opportunity to network for all. ‘Besides sharing knowledge, we believe it’s very important to give the audience the opportunity to meet each other in a more social way,’ Marco Lemmen explains. ‘At this event we carry out this part of the programme by raffling a PSV T-shirt and discussing the event. The responses were very positive and therefore we look back on this great and successful event on co-simulation!’

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