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Broaden your horizons @Omron

On the 17th of November, TMC Mechanical organised the sixth edition of the “Mechanical in the Lead” Pizza Session. Purpose of these meetings is to offer Employeneurs the opportunity to broaden their horizons by sharing each other’s experiences. That’s why the event took place at the inspiring work environment of Omron Europe B.V., also known as one of the world’s leading companies in the field of automation. For the occasion, Employeneur Casper van Dijke, who is working as Lead Mechanical Engineer at Omron, showed his colleague Employeneurs around at his work place and told about his exciting project.

The meeting started with a nice dinner at the premises of Omron in ‘s Hertogenbosch to welcome all 30 participating Employeneurs. After that, Guus Lambrechts, Group Leader R&D at Omron, gave an introduction in which he presented Omron and the company’s activities. After that, all Employeneurs were invited for a guided tour in the factory of Omron in order to get to know more about the production processes and products being made by Omron. To give everyone a good impression the group was accompanied by three Omron engineers, who gave a detailed explanation about the activities at the factory. The tour ended with a presentation given by Casper, in which he explained his responsibility for the mechanical design of a completely new Omron product.

From Engineer to Employeneur

To give the group a better understanding of Casper’s recent work and career path, Casper told about the different steps he made in his career from Engineer to Employeneur. ‘After a Bachelor and Master degree in Mechanical Engineering I started my career as a Project Engineer at a family business in transport and handling systems for the food industry. From that position I have worked my way up and had several challenging projects at companies like ASML and BreuTech. In this way I was able to develop myself as an Engineer. Besides that, I have learned from experiences abroad. I have travelled a lot and lived in The Netherlands as well as abroad. These, what I like to describe as life changing experiences, have definitely put things more in perspective. In 2012 I decided to develop myself more in an entrepreneurial way. That’s why I joined TMC. My job as a Lead Mechanical Engineer at Omron is the second project I am executing for TMC. Within this project I am part of an international and multidisciplinary team of highly motivated and skilled engineers. Moreover, TMC and Omron enable me to realize my own ideas and to be involved in the creation of new products. Something I enjoy a lot. In the future I would like to continue to develop and realize my own ideas and who knows, maybe even start my own company!’

Learning from colleagues

After the inspiring presentation of Casper the group had the chance to reflect on the evening and share experiences and information with each other. ‘We believe it’s important that our Employeneurs have the chance to broaden their horizons,’ Sven Bongartz, Account Manager TMC Mechanical explains. '”Mechanical in the Lead” has proven to be a successful way to offer our Employeneurs this opportunity and learn from colleagues. Moreover, the story of Casper is a good example of how an Employeneur successfully grows in his personal and professional skills and how broadening your horizons, supports this. I think his presentation has inspired all of us. We are already looking forward to the next “Mechanical in the Lead” Pizza Session!’

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