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Atlassian To Software

In a snappy Forbes article, market watcher Mark Fidelman observes: "There are only 3 enterprise-grade technology products I’ve ever seen that sell themselves. Two of them are from Apple; the other is from Atlassian. How many Apple salespeople have ever called you to sell you the iPhone, or iPad? Zero! How many Atlassian salespeople have called to sell you Confluence? You guessed it – zero.

Mark - with the 'k' - quotes another Marc - with the 'c' - Andreeson. This HP Board Member makes the wonderful statement that software is eating the world. "If so" sais Mark with the k, "Atlassian is its Chef. Atlassian is the house of collaboration, the software equivalent of the world-renowned restaurant Alinea. Where its software gastronomy, like Alinea’s food science, comes together in unspoiled unison. They serve a variety of selections, but my favorite is Confluence. The company delivers that product to the masses, but it embodies and is prepared for the developer. They make code development seem less difficult and more like it’s being willed into existence. Its goal is to satisfy the appetites of software creators".

With its Atlassian partnership TMC has brought its employeneurs to the kitchen for first class food.

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