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A great first year for TMC Belgium

“We are well on track,” says Nassim Daoudi, Director of TMC Belgium. “Our goal for this first year was to use our employeneurship model to quickly establish a position at the top of the innovations and technology market in Belgium. After one year, we have experienced a growth in every aspect of our organisation.

TMC Belgium started just over a year ago, and has already reached its goals for 2015. Nassim Daoudi has been with TMC Belgium since September 2014 and has years of experience in the consultancy business. Before joining TMC he was the Operational Director of the Technology and Industry Division at Altran Netherlands, a global leader in innovation consulting. Speaking about TMC Belgium’s strategy in their first year, Nassim said: “We want to grow the business quickly and build our reputation in Belgium. We are focussing our efforts on the five ‘pillars’ of our company foundation: Knowledge Management, Communication & Marketing, Networking, Company Values and Sales.”

Knowledge Management

“TMC is a knowledge company. Our knowledge comes from our consultants, who we call our ‘employeneurs’. To facilitate our growth we have set up four cells within TMC Belgium: Nanotechnology, Mechatronics, Quality of Operations and Mechanical Engineering. At TMC we work within this cell structure to improve networking opportunities and to share knowledge. We have also launched several new initiatives. TMC Impact is a great example. At fortnightly events we invite clients and external guests to discuss and learn about both technical and non-technical topics. For example, we recently invited Wouter Murrath, a guru in relationship management. TMC Impact is a great platform to exchange knowledge and to meet clients.”

Communication & Marketing

“The employeneurship model is totally new in Belgium. So one of our biggest tasks is to make sure customers and potential employeneurs see the added value that an employeneur can bring to a customer’s business and the benefits of this model in career growth. To find new employeneurs, we have set up a campaign at the best universities in Belgium. After receiving more than a thousand applications, we invited 150 candidates for assessment at our office in Brussels. The 15 best candidates were offered a contract, which 12 of them signed up to. They all start in the coming months. From this experience we can proudly say the model attracts the best engineers in Belgium.”


“We coach and train our employeneurs to use their own network to generate new business with existing or new clients. We bring in external trainers and practise cold-calling sessions. We train our employeneurs to keep their eyes and ears open for new opportunities. Already the majority of our new customers have come from the network of our employeneurs.”

Company Values and Sales

“The employeneurship model, including the coaching, the transparency of our organisation, and our position in the market, makes all of our team members proud to be a part of TMC Belgium. Our own people are our best ambassadors.. We were aiming for 50 members by the end of 2015. And with four months still to go before the end of the year, we already have 36 members in the company. We have grown our client base from three to 20, and are well on our way to exceeding our revenue goal of 3 million and to break-even in our first year. This is incredibly fast progress for a new company in an established market.”

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