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Opening new horizons with an (accepted) know-it-all

Neways develops and supplies electronics that contribute to key sustainability themes. More than 2,500 Neways specialists worldwide focus on developing future solutions for charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, electric power trains, digitalization of medical solutions, sustainable agricultural applications, microchip production and more. One of these specialists is Joey Bink, who has already opened many new horizons for Neways as project leader from TMC.

Agile way of working

Joey: “In January 2022, I dug my teeth into a challenging project from a customer in the semiconductor industry. I took over from the previous project leader after the proof of concepts had been produced. There was a need to take the approach of the prototype phase to the next level in a project-based manner. To respond to that need, I introduced the ‘agile way of working’ in the organization. This work method enables Neways to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the outside world. Customer satisfaction comes first, while also looking out for the wellbeing of employees and the healthy operating results of the organization itself. Implementing this agile way of working at Neways created a stronger focus.”

Solid foundation

“I defined clear tasks and responsibilities for each team member of the project team. This increased their involvement and positively impacted the project's progress. We're less than a year on and have already accomplished a lot. Now we're looking at how to roll out this agile way of working on a broader scale in the organization. The prototype phase has now been completed. The industrialization phase is planned for 2023.”

Building relationships

“This agile way of working was new for the project team. I was also new in the company and hadn't had a chance to connect with the project members yet. This made it a challenge to get all the project's internal and external stakeholders on board with my plan. I received feedback from my manager, Robert Loijen, that I'm somewhat of a know-it-all. It's true that I don't stick to the status quo, but rather act on problems creatively. To create a solid project team, I first had to build a relationship with the project members. And that worked.”

Unique change

Robert Loijen is managing director at Neways. He asserts: “Joey has a very clear vision and makes no secret of his views. At the same time, he gets everyone around him enthusiastically on board with the changes that are needed. This is exactly what we needed at Neways. With Joey's help, we've made huge progress. Together with partners and stakeholders, we are making huge strides forward. Joey has helped us bring parties together. I have nothing but admiration for what he has achieved this year in our company.”

Long-term relationship

“Just under a year on, I prefer to call Joey an ‘accepted know-it all’. And we're actually very satisfied every time TMC sends people our way. Neways and TMC have built a long-term relationship together. TMC is very good at supporting and guiding their project managers. They place high priority on continuously training their people. That is clearly reflected in the positive changes they bring about in our company.”

Want to know more? Feel free to reach out

Maarten Guns

Director New Product Introduction, Netherlands

Tél. : +31 (0)6 54 23 51 31

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