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Imagine the possibility of bringing your wildest designs to life by a mere mouse-click. 3D printing, being adopted by the industry as a great and easy way to manufacture parts, is now standing on our household’s doorsteps. Several companies are already offering you affordable desktop 3D printers, while others offer to produce and resell your designs for you.3D printing is pushing mass-customization in a new direction with online communities willing to make/adjust and share literally millions of designs. We can only imagine the impact on of these developments on consumer goods markets. Will the 3D-Print-journey in the end enable us to customize and print everything from dishware and shoes to furniture and vehicles? As Employeneurs it is interesting to follow these developments and maybe seek for our own application with this exciting technology. Therefore TMC likes to organize yet another 3D print Challenge to familiarize ourselves with-, or extend our knowledge on 3D printing. After the huge success of last year’s “From clueless to concept” we would like to present this year:“Printing the YOUrney”

As the name states; Printing the YOUrney is all about both personal- as well as a company’s journey. Within two pizza sessions we will learn about Ricardo Abdoel and his ObjexLab, Ward Ripmeester and ShapeWays, and design and print our own personal Yourney symbol. 


Evening 2:         18-11-2015        17:30 till 22:00

Location:           Shapeways [Kanaaldijk-Zuid 3A, Eindhoven]

Subject:            > Lecture on: Journey of Shapeways + Factory tour

                        > Presentation of designs + award ceremony 

If you’re interested in joining us, please let us know by replying to Monique Bazelmans via before October 11th. This year the challenge is optional, but please understand that participants will get priority to the event as only limited spots are available.

IMPORTANT FOR YOUR SUBSCRIPTION: please provide us with the following information:

Will you participate in the challenge? (teams consist of at least 4 people)

o          Yes, please subscribe me to a group,

o           I can make 3D drawings.

o           I’m good at brainstorming new ideas.

o          Yes, and I already have a group in mind, consisting of: [name], [name]… etc.

o          No, I will only attend the lecture/tour.

See you then!

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