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That’s impossible to make! So let’s print it!

In the industry 3D printing technology is already becoming a fundamental tool in prototyping. However, due to its great potential and rapid development, it is currently also competing against the conventional production methods in the ‘volume’ side of the business.

3D printing is so promising that it attracted the attention of the consumer market, where the first printers are already available for less than €1000. At some point 3D printers will become cheap enough to break-open the consumer market completely and we can only speculate on what impact this will have on other industries.

As an Employeneur prepared for the future, it is interesting to know the limits and the possibilities of the technology. Therefore we organize this 2 evening workshop in which we aim to close the gap from “clueless to concept”. We do this by making you familiar with types of printers and their abilities, software packages and even working on a group assignment for a 3D design which will be printed.

It is beneficial for both the client and your own ‘entrepreneurial dreams’ to be one step ahead. We challenge you to explore the opportunities by gaining knowledge on the most revolutionary and easy accessible production method around nowadays.

When: 3 and 17 November
Where: TMC Eindhoven, Flight Forum 1
What time: 17.30h till 22.00

Evening 1:

Lecture on 3D printing
Demo on software/hardware
Presenting challenge
Forming groups

Evening 2:

Finalizing group designs with help of experts
Presentation of designs
Voting on best design

If you’re interested in joining us? Please inform about the possibilities by sending an email to Petrie Suler before October 31 th.

See you then!

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