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Student association A-Eskwadraat has successfully invited, perhaps for the last time, Prof. Dr. Stephen Hawking to the Netherlands on May 23rd. He is going to give an inspiring lecture, with the topic "The Universe as a Hologram".

At the symposium PLANCKS, acronime for Physics League Across Numerous Countries for Kick-ass Students, Prof. Dr. Gerard ’t Hooft and Prof. Dr. Immanuel Bloch also will make their appearance. PLANKCS is an international competition for Phyisics students organized for the first time this year by student association A-Eskwadraat in Utrecht.

The arrival of Physics legend Stephen Hawking in the Netherlands has made the hearts of many Physicists beat faster. The available tickets were sold out within minutes.

TMC also responded enthusiastically to the arrival of Stephen Hawking. We immediately decided to be a part of it. " We must be there ", was the general sentiment in both TMC Physics and TMC Nanotechnology.

As one of the main sponsors of the symposium TMC is in the opportunity to invite our selected and equally excited business partners to attend this event. From the lodge at the Beatrix Theater these Physics enthusiasts will be able to enjoy this piece of history in the making. We hope that it will be an inspiring afternoon with our common passion centered.

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