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Digital transformation is a hot topic at TMC. Going digital is no longer merely an opportunity to gain a competitive edge; it has become essential for keeping companies on track. In order to help organizations with their digital transformation, TMC is offering consultancy services in the Digital & Big Data arena.

TMC aims to be the most valuable technological sourcing partner. We help companies adapt to the newest challenges and allow them to make the most of their business, thanks to cutting-edge technologies and our exclusive sourcing model. With respect to technology we provide a broad range of experts and competencies. Not only do we have the experts to do data analysis but we also understand the challenges in collecting (sensor) data and using wireless technologies and smart algorithms to limit and transmit that data.

With respect to sourcing we are able to provide the right expert for the project. In today’s market over 50% of the engineers are hired as external consultants since this new activity is, at this moment, not as much a core activity in many companies as it is at TMC. Lastly, we use the term ‘partner’ instead of ‘consultancy’ to highlight how closely we work together with our clients. We have the experts, you have the application knowledge. Are you interested in our capabilities or do you want to be part of the fast growing TMC group? Visit our booth @ Big Data Expo and let’s talk Big Data Business.

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