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For a long time, Jeroen Blok has been following sports as well as the statistics describing these sports. In the pursuit of linking what he saw with the numbers, he followed a lot of American sports, as statistical analysis on sports is more common in the US.

One reason this interests him is that this gives some insight in how people manage to reach the top of their profession. Something we are all more or less trying to achieve ourselves. A book by Tobias Moskowitz and L. Jon Wertheim describes a number of phenomena perceived to occur in sports, checks what is actually happening with the statistics, and couples this with psychological explanations. I (want to) (will?) discuss a number of examples form this book and other books. One example is home field advantage: where it is perceived to come from and where it actually originates. Another example is the hot streak: does it exist or not?

When? Tuesday February 10, 2015
Where? TMC Bar Eindhoven
Time? 18.00h – 21.00h

Please let me know if you want to attend before Monday February 9, 2015.

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