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Scrum Fundamentals

Are you working in a project and you have heard about Scrum but you have no idea what that actually means? Or maybe you are working in a Scrum team and you would like to have an in-depth understanding of what is going on with all these new meetings? Sprint planning, retrospective, Daily Scrum, what are those?

In this two-day course two experienced Scrum Masters will take you through the entire Scrum Framework. You will be part of a very interactive, hands-on course where you can ask all your questions about Scrum and learn a lot of commonly used complementary practices.

For who is this course ideal?

  • For those who work or will start working in a Scrum team and want to know what is expected of them.
  • For starting Scrum Masters.
  • As part of your preparation for the first Scrum master exam (e.g. PSMI).

In this course we take you through the specifics of the Scrum guide as part of your preparation of the PSMI exam. Entry to the exam is excluded from this course.

Course language: English or Dutch, course material is in English.

Cost: € 1.195,- (exc. Exam )

We hope to see you there for two full days of learning, experiencing, Scrum knowledge and fun.

Scrum Fundamentals

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