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Raspberry Pi

Pizza session.

A Raspberry Pi is a small but full featured, €35,00 computer that you can use as a home entertainment- and as a home automation-system. But you can also use it to run your own mail server or use it to serve websites from. In time I’d like to build a system where the Raspberry Pi runs on solar power and automatically switches my garden lighting on and off. I also have plans to replace my thermostat, perhaps I’ll add a nice touchscreen with which I can also control the audio system.

In this pizza-session I’ll discuss possibilities and fun projects. I’ll bring a Raspberry Pi and hopefully I’ll be able to show you the magic of a computer so cheap, you won’t shed a tear if you or your kid wrecks it in an attempt to build a cool robot.

Most of the things I have done so far I have written down (and will keep writing down) on my website: The website is in Dutch.I spend a lot of time thinking about the language and went for the smaller community feel of a 'local' website and aim for a starters audience, people who have little to no experience in home-automation or the “internet of things”. My apologies if you don’t speak Dutch, I’m told the site translates quite well using Google translate. The pizza-session can certainly be done in English if any English speaking people will be present.

Feel free to send me suggestions for more (Raspberry Pi related) topics to treat in the session or to ask questions (for example if you are in doubt about whether this session would be fun for you.)

This pizza session will be held at the TMC Utrecht office on Wednesday May 7th at 18.00 hours.
This event is for TMC and invitees only. If you want to participate please check.

Freek van Hemert

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