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Pizzasession Chemical West: Nanomaterial safety

The safety of nanomaterials is a rising issue as they are used and developed to larger extends by industry, and research centers. So far very little is known about the safety of nanoparticles and their agglomerates (clusters). Traditional chemical health risk assessment cannot be applied due to their unique size and properties. Therefore, new methods and tests on the hazard of these materials need to be developed in order to be able to classify and label them. Exposure to these materials during synthesis, handling and use is also hard to assess and predict.

In this presentation the most important aspects of the hazard of these materials will be discussed including potential health risks. What do we know about the toxicity and how can we predict this thus far and what is the relevance for companies. What is the regulatory context?

Furthermore a short overview of the exposure scenarios will be given. What situations lead to the highest exposure to the most dangerous particles.
In our opinion it would be good to take the safety of these materials into account during development. The lower the intrinsic toxicity of these materials, the lower the health risks during the various stages of the life cycle of a product. Also, the lower the exposure to particles the lower the health risk “The dose makes the poison”.

A proposal for a “Safer Design” Strategy will be presented.

The input of the audience on the relevance for industries, and on the development of safe design project of nanoparticles can aid in a fruitful discussion.

This pizza session will be held at the TMC Utrecht office on Thursday January 22nd at 18.00h.

Interested to join the session? Please reply to Annemieke Meij

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