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Pizza Session: Why diversity works!

Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.

The great success of our first pizza session on the topic ’Why Diversity Works’ will be continued! We will share knowledge on the strengths of differences between cultures, ages, genders, industries and more.

Nicola Edwards, director Palletising Systems at CSi Industries shares her experiences. Furthermore, personal stories from Employeneurs are shared. And of course, we would like to have a dialogue with you as participant. Do you want to participate? If so, join us.

Furthermore, our Employeneur Ignacio Vazquez will share his personal story on how he experiences diversity within his current project at DAF. Next to that, Ignacio will share the latest developments on TMC’s Expat Community.



When | Tuesday October 10th

Where | TMC Eindhoven, Flight Forum 107, 5657 DC Eindhoven

What time | 18:00 start with hot and healthy pizza @2nd floor

Are you interested, please sign up via 'register for this event' before Friday, October 6th.

See you at the pizza session!

Lotte Geertsen and Noortje van Boxtel

TMC Manufacturing Support

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