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Pizza session: Self Sustained Peer Learning

In TMC we have an immense talent in terms of programming, simulations which are essential part of many industries. The following video helped me coming up with this idea of PEER LEARNING, where we can learn from each other’s skill set.

Watch the above video of 17 minutes as to how kids can self learn in groups without an traditional instructor. If successful, this has the potential to open up new projects, new concepts and many entrepreneurial ideas. Peer learning also improves our skills in presentation, coaching and acts like a confidence booster in general. Therefore, I would love to present this idea with a pilot project of learning Computational Fluid Mechanics using OpenFOAM.   

We would like to invite you for this pizza sesion. The pizza session will be aimed in discussing the peer learning initiative. The main aim is to make this pizza session unique, because if this peer learning initiative has a enormous potential to take us to new heights in terms of skill development.

When: 28th June 2017.
Where: TMC Eindhoven, Flight Forum 107
Time: 18.00-21.00 o'clock

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