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“Haste trips up its own heels”
“There’s never time to do it right, but always time to do it over again.”

Software packages are claimed to be optimized to facilitate even faster development processes. Each brochure for whatever course starts with: “In order to cope with the latest economic situations, organizations must develop new products, processes, and systems faster ...”, Time-to-market is the ever heard adage, and the only questions (project)managers seem to be able to ask is “Did you already started?”, “Is it finished yet?” and “Why does that take so long?”

It’s easy to get excited by all these demands, clutter and time constraints and “get to work” too fast, too early, thinking that there’s no time to loose. Especially technical people tend to step into this pitfall.

How to stand your ground in all this craziness? How to guard your own boundaries and values? And create the necessary space and time for yourself to make sure that you have a fair chance to excel as a professional?

What’s your secret?

Let’s discuss this, and share thoughts, experiences and tips and tricks.

Sign up now! Send an a-mail to before Friday March 13th 2014

Hope to see (and hear) you on March 18th in the PSV High Tech Lounge in Eindhoven,

Rob Veltman

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