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Pizza session: Dual rotor machines

The next generation in transmissions for hybrid vehicles?!

Driving on the road, you might notice that you frequently will encounter a hybrid or a full electric vehicle. As fuel prices are ever increasing, car manufacturers are looking into smarter, compacter and more efficient powertrains to reduce fuel consumption. A radical new technology in hybrid power trains might be the use of dual rotor electric machines.

In this pizza session Frank Rentmeester will explain this technology and highlight a recently developed prototype of such an dual rotor electric machine. It has been designed, build and tested by TNO and its partners.

A Dual rotor machines is in essence an advanced electric motor. This motor consist of one stator and two rotors, from which one of them rotates inside the other rotor. The inner rotor is equipped with a three phase winding, it might be better to call it a rotating stator. By a smart control of the stator and inner rotor windings a continuous variable transmission (like the old ‘DAF-jes’) can be realized, and on top of that the ability to utilize all kind of hybrid vehicle operating modes. All in just one component, containing only two rotating parts.

The pizza session will start with a short introduction of state-of-the-art hybrid electric vehicle technologies, followed by an outline of the development of the electric variable transmission. Working principle, design process and test results will pass the revue.

In the second part of the pizza session a brainstorm is organized to think about other applications for this technology like a hybrid power train concept for hybrid vehicles. As every rotating shaft can be cut into half, an dual rotor machine can be in place, which might boost performances of the total system the shaft is involved.

Goal is to come up with changeful ideas or concepts to put into reality with TMC’s entrepreneurship and its Employeneurs.

When: Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014
Where: TMC Bar - Flight Forum 107 - Eindhoven
What time: 18.00 start with pizza and 18.30 start with the presentation

If you’re interested in joining us, let us know by replying this e-mail before October 17th or by sending an email to Farah Bax.

See you then!

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