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Paper systems grow (often unintentionally) due to several reasons:

Processes are gradually expanded. Bit by bit an addition …;
Hereby differences in systems arise (for instance different brands of PLC’s );
Differences arise between older and newer systems;
Possibly different systems partially overlap and partially have an information gab.
You are not overseeing the production process anymore. The simplest way to “connect” a large diversity of systems is by the use of paper. A paper interface grows by itself! Not always consciously or intentionally, but because the need for exchange of information is being recognized (implicitly).

There is an enormous amount of information available via process control systems. Then why do operators still copy a screen on to paper…?

Not having an overview and the lack of information is ideal to use as an excuse to stop changes…
To change a culture of “that’s the way we do things” it is necessary to collect fact and figures.
Essential is the collection of data from the production process. Hereby the overkill of paper very rarely forms a solution…

Starting 6-sigma? This starts with the availability of good and reliable information. You want to start overseeing the production process.

Do you recognize some of this? And is this your concern?


This TMC’s Pizza session on Industrial Automation may interest you. In an joined presentation Marnix Morskate (employeneur TMC) and Guido van Dinther (Actemium) adress:

A process improvement of an existing production process, based on information (six sigma improvement project;
What kind of “digital system” needs to be built to be able to make paper (partially) obsolete?
Manufacturing Execution Systems / Manufacturing Operations Management.
This pizza session will take on the challenge to be able to show a diversity of information in a manageable and understandable fashion.

Where: TMC Eindhoven, the Bar in Flight Forum;
When: Thursday, August 28th;
Time: 18:00 - 21:00 hours.
Interested? Please notify Monique Bazelmans before Friday August 22nd.

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