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New year drink TMC Physics, Chemical & Nanotechnology

On Friday evening the 23th of January, the new years drink of TMC Physics, Chemical & Nanotechnology took place. The event was held at TMC’s own pub at the office in Eindhoven, where Employeneurs toasted to a successful 2015. A great opportunity to take an outlook on this coming year and to talk about expectations and the future goals of our Employeneurs!

Tommy Barten works as a Design Engineer in the Source and Conditioning department within D&E EUV of ASML. He looks back on a great year and is exited what 2015 will bring him. ‘I’m working on a really cool project where I am assisting in the integration and validation of a new operation mode for the next generation of EUV sources for optical lithography,’ he says. ‘This year, we will focus on the further development of the next generation EUV sources and service to our clients who will use the new EUV sources. I’m very satisfied with this project and see it as a big advantage to be seconded by a successful company like TMC. I think 2015 will offer TMC a lot of chances, due to the fact that more and more companies expanse their flexible manpower, which leads to very interesting projects!’

Another Employeneur who has great expectations about 2015, is Marcel Veerhoek. He started on a new project in the beginning of this year as a System Engineer at FEI Company. ‘I’m working at TMC for one year now and have already had a lot of interesting work experiences. The project I started at FEI Company, perfectly fits my interests and skills. I’m working on the development and improvement of full systems of products that are very important to the company, so my contribution is very significant. This makes it a very challenging and cool project!’ Moreover, Marcel is very enthusiastic about the collaborations between the business cells and clusters within TMC. ‘I think this is one of the unique aspects of this company and what makes it so successful. I hope these collaborations will be developed further in 2015. My personal goal is to broaden my knowledge and skills and to experience new challenges. The coaching TMC offers is definitely helping me with this!’

Matthijs Cox is starting in February at TMC. He attends the new years drink to get to know TMC and it’s Employeneurs. ‘The facilities to develop your hard and soft skills and the guidance on your career, is one of the main reasons I applied at TMC,’ he says. ‘Besides, I’ve heard a lot of positive stories about TMC from former fellow students who are now working at TMC and will be my new colleagues. Moreover, I’m seconded at a very challenging project at ASML as a Design Engineer, which perfectly matches my skills in nanotechnology. I feel like my job at TMC and ASML is the ideal combination for me and I’m very much looking forward to start!’

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