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TMC provides flexible workers in several technology areas. Currently, TMC Nanotechnology invests in assembling a balanced pool of nanotechnologists and material engineers. One of the goals of NanoNextNL is to keep the developed nanotechnology skills and knowledge in the Netherlands. It is also the responsibility of NanoNextNL to support the nanotechnologists in their future career and to stimulate nanotechnology innovation at businesses. That's why NanoNextNL and TMC Nanotechnology proudly present:

Matchmaking @ NanoCity 2015

We will bring together the brightest minds in nanotechnology and match them to the most promising nanotechnology companies and institutes in the Netherlands in a first of a kind matchmaking event.

Matchmaking @ NanoCity 2015 allows the nanotechnologists to be matched automatically to their preferred nanotechnology company or academic institute. And it allows nanotechnology companies and institutes to meet their next high potential employee.

The Dutch human capital is one of its most prized possessions. Since the start of the NanoNextNL program, the Netherlands has been investing in its nanotechnology human capital to ensure that they stay on the forefront of technology and assure future economic value. However, the international “war on talent” poses a great risk that these investments will end up across the Dutch borders. In order to increasingly capitalize on the NanoNextNL investments, the funded knowledge workers –nanotechnologists- must be offered a bright outlook on the Dutch job market. The matchmaking event at NanoCity 2015 and the related journey will accomplish exactly that.

The NanoCity matchmaking journey will guarantee that the starting nanotechnologists’ expectations and soft skills are better aligned to the nanotechnology market. And the nanotechnology market is better informed on the available talent and contract conditions. Furthermore the market will receive a boost in innovation power with the help of high potential nanotechnologists. These high potentials are identified throughout the journey, selected by a jury at NanoCity 2015 and offered a position for one year at TMC Nanotechnology.

This event is organized for:

  • Dutch based nanotechnology companies

  • Dutch based nanotechnology research institutes

  • The brightest minds in nanotechnology

  • Nanotechnologists who have received NanoNextNL funding

During Matchmaking @ NanoCity 2015 the results from the matchmaking tool will be revealed. These will give a list of companies or institutes that are most aligned with the personal background and interests of the nanotechnologists. They will then enter into a "speeddate-like" matchmaking session with the companies and institutes that are present at NanoCity. In addition to the matchmaking session, they are invited to join a TMC business case study. This case study will be evaluated together with the workshop and matchmaking results in order to identify the Matchmaking @ NanoCity 2015 high potential employeneur. This high potential employeneur will be awarded a one year contract at TMC Nanotechnology.

The companies and institutes that join the event will have the chance to receive a free TMC TechTank session. Also if they hire a nanotechnologist through the event than they will receive a discount for one year.

For event registration and additional information contact Ted van Hoof @ or 0655838522.

When: October 5th, 2015
Where: NanoCity 2015, Rijtuigenloods Piet Mondriaanplein 61, Amersfoort

We hope to see you there!

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