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Inspiring TMC pizzasession ‘innovation’ @ Bosch transmission technology

Bring several high-educated technicians from several disciplines of TMC (Mechatronics, Electronics, Physics and Mechanical) together and let them openly (out-of-the-box) discuss about innovation in the hightech environment of Bosch Transmission Technology and an inspiring night is born.

Bosch in Stuttgart Germany has a large history in giving high-educated employees the time and space to involve themselves in innovations. This has resulted in several start-ups in the past, supported by Bosch. To feed this process, a group of employees has developed themselves to Project Managers Innovation, in order to support this important topic.

TMC has a similar ‘space’ to inspire high-educated technicians in innovations in The Entrepreneurial Lab. As a pilot Bosch and TMC came together on Thursday 28 January in the Bosch Transmission Technology plant in Tilburg.

After enjoying several slices of Pizza an interesting guided tour in the production plant was led by a very enthusiastic and passionate Lucas Prinsen (Employee of Bosch Transmission Technology).

In ‘De Bovenkamer’ the group of 14 R&D Engineers (Medior & Senior level with competences in Electronics, Physics, Mechatronics and Mechanical), together with Bosch’ Stef Scholten discussed ‘out-of-the-box’ about innovation and new approaches to (re-)use the current high tech machinery, products and processes at Bosch Transmission Technology.

“My favorite thing about being an entrepreneur is learning to hack things that seem impossible.”
Katlin Smith

Lots of awesome ideas saw the light and left plenty creative discussions to be held.

This Pilot evening really deserves a follow up! To be continued…

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