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Changing Technologies and the impact on Business Operations is a daily challenge for many employeneurs of TMC Manufacturing Support. At their customer’s project they do their best to make a difference and improve business with the use of innovative ideas. As TMC Manufacturing Support is constantly looking for the best specialists in the field of New Product Introduction, Quality, Supply Chain and Operational Excellence, we are participating at the Industria Congres on November 17th.

About the Industria Congres
The 32nd Industria Congres will take place at the Philips Stadium in Eindhoven. This year’s theme: ‘Changing Technologies’ fits the TMC model and therefore is an interesting topic to discuss with students during the workshop of this congres. Also, TMC will participate at the speeddates of the Industria Congres event.

Workshop: How to bring innovation cycle lanes to life?
Thousands of luminous stones help cyclists find their way in the dark over more than 600 meters at the Van Gogh Roosegaarde cycle lane in Eindhoven. This interactive luminous cycle path, made by Heijmans and designed by designer Daan Roosegaarde is an innovation of worldwide attention. Along with Bert Stohr, employeneur at TMC and working as product developer at Heijmans, this project has been shaped. During the TMC workshop we take you through the steps of this innovation. What choices and challenges do you encounter in the process? How do you deal with dilemmas? You are about to discover this during the workshop of TMC.

Want to know more?
TMC has published interesting articles about Bert Stohr and the cycle lanes. You can read them here:

For more information about the Industria Congres please visit their website.

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