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Cordis Software Design Automation

CORDIS Automation, located on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, offers the complete platform to develop, integrate and service PLC software for mechatronic systems in industrial automation. Its director Benno Beuting presents his vision on the way PLC software will develop to meet future requirements of complex mechatronic systems

PLC software takes an ever-growing share in mechatronic systems. The complexity of PLC software grows, while the tolerance for error decreases. This puts an end to the current way of working. Top level reliability is the ultimate challenge.

Today’s PLC software engineers are good programmers. To build the next generation systems, it is necessary to think and design of a higher-level op abstraction.
In addition, mechatronic design issues require a multi-disciplinary approach. Only a joint effort of different disciplines results, in an early stage of design, in the correct representation of the final solution.

The use of the same language in this multi-disciplinairy approach reduces the complexity of the design and production process. The universal power of 2D- and 3D-models may break down the walls between disciplines.
Already at the start of the development process, we can produce models that help us to evaluate the final system behavior.

Models originating in the software domain, such as UML, are suitable to describe the mechatronic system behavior. Generating the PLC software from these models boosts productivity and quality and large costs savings can be achieved.

In a live demo Benno will showcase some successful practices.

When: Tuesday June 3rd

Where: TMC Flight forum 107, Eindhoven

Time: 18:00 - 21:00 hours

Note: The pizza-session will be held in Dutch.

Interested, please inform Edith Visser on your attendance befor May 26.

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