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Capture of CO2, from lab to plant scale

TMC Chemical West would like to invite you to a pizza session held by Rebecca Leenman and Daphne Bakker with the following subject:

Capture of CO2 – from lab to plant scale
One of TNO’s contributions to limit climate change

Climate change is hot topic nowadays. The amount of CO2 in the air is seen as a direct cause of this phenomenon. The generation of electricity in traditional power plants is with 41% the biggest contributor of the emission of CO2 (see attached picture).

Research is needed to decrease the emission of CO2. Renewable energy cannot yet fulfil our demand in energy for a substantial period. Decreasing the emission of power plants has a substantial effect on the total CO2 emission and within this sector doing research is relatively easy. Our department is committed to contribute to this research.

Our expertise is covering fundamental research up to full pilot scale processes. We would like to take you through all of the steps; starting with solvent selection, change to continuous flow, followed by solvent degradation and finishing with scaling up.

When: wednesday February 19
Where: TMC Rotterdam (Weena 294 Tower B, 12th floor)
What time: 18.00h

Interested in joining us? Please confirm before Friday February 14 by email to Christel Schel.

See you then!

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