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Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing arrived at a technology turning point of evolving from rapid prototyping to functional parts. Nowadays parts can be produced from metals, ceramics and developments have started for mixed materials.

Additive Manufactering has many benefits over conventional production techniques. Although there are still some drawbacks that have to be researched out. Main benefits are new design freedom of organic structures, hybrid parts, less material costs and flexibility. Research is aimed at larger volumes, higher resolution, faster production and developing the “Additive manufacturing language”.

At ASML Research the roadmap focus is on ceramic and mixed material parts and getting the answers to the fundamental questions related to Additive manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing: the production method of the future or just a hype?

Wouter Roest, Employeneur of TMC Physics West, organizes this pizza session on Thursday May 15th at the TMC Utrecht office. (18.00h)

Are you interested in joining? Send an email to Christel Schel and find out about the possibilities.

See you then!

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