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Rick Tielen: “If you are involved in the traineeship, you can be really ahead of others”

Rick Tielen loves technology and worked at DAF during his studies. After graduating, he didn’t really know what he wanted to do for a living and left the company. “As a graduated engineer you have quite some choices, but I didn't know which direction suited me. For me, to be working on project basis at different companies is the answer to that question. This is how I learn what I really like. Through an acquaintance I heard about TMC's traineeship and got quite curious.”

With a traineeship, Rick could do different assignments, within different sectors at multinationals and also smaller companies. He was enthusiastic and started his traineeship at TMC in May 2022. “You can compare the traineeship with a pressure cooker. You work on different projects and get extra guidance from TMC. You also exchange experiences with other trainees, receive extra study budget and can follow various soft and hard skills courses.”

Many projects

A TMC traineeship means, among other things, you regularly change projects and therefore work within different customer environments. During his first project, Rick worked as a production engineer at ASML, where he was involved in both process and technology. “This work gave me insight into the business processes of a multinational. I learned about existing processes and technical aspects, but also worked on completely new things. I really liked the work and the company, but I started working at TMC for the flexibility and the many projects. If I stayed at ASML, I wouldn’t be using those benefits.” That's why Rick started looking for a new assignment. “I wanted something completely different and heard about a project manager role at KMWE which would be available soon. I was actually looking for a technical role, but because it is a relatively short project - about three to six months - it was worth the challenge where I could develop my project management skills. Ofcourse, I notice differences with ASML, which employs about 40,000 employees, while KMWE has about 400. But this project is quite interesting because the company is growing and new challenges arise. These challenges need to be addressed and improved.”

Furnish yourself

What the added value of the traineeship is, according to Rick? “I think the range of courses you are able to do,” he answers. “Soft skills courses improve me as a person, but I can also do numerous hard skills trainings to develop myself as an engineer.” The fact you can immediately apply many skills from the traineeship at work, and the ability to design your own path, are major advantages for Rick. Because of the different projects, he understands better what he likes and where his interests lie. “I love how the group is getting to know each other better every day, and because of this we are able to do suggestions about relevant projects or companies. For example, one of the supervisors suggested a project where you are spending 20% of your time abroad. This proves to me they understand me, but also my potentials and interests.”

Extra activities

Because you work with a fixed group during the traineeship, you learn from each other and see what everyone is up against. “Every three or four weeks we get together. We then attend soft skill training, but there is also room for intervision moments in the program. But we are also in touch besides that. Sometimes it’s about work, sometimes we go out for drinks. It feels like you are learning and working with friends.” In addition to the monthly meetings, the traineeship also includes extra activities, such as the traineeship weekend. “We did all kinds of team building activities such as cooking and playing games. But we also serious reflected on our professional journey last year. During a painting session we expressed how we experienced our journey and presented this to each other. The fact that supervisors Walter and Thierry feel part of the group creates a relaxed atmosphere, one where we can also work on our development.”

Further career

Would Rick recommend the traineeship to others? “Absolutely”, he answers. “It's really fun and you learn a lot. I notice if you are really involved in the traineeship, you can be ahead of others and it will help your further career.”

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