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Joep's Polish adventure at MegaGroup

MegaGroup improves people's lives by making water solutions accessible. With the opening of new, strategically placed warehouses, the Dutch company is strengthening its market position. Employeneur Joep van Ierland was asked for support by an old acquaintance in his network. As Astro project manager, he took responsibility for integration of the WMS software used at the first warehouse in Poznan (Poland) at the new semi-automated warehouse in the same region. Wondering how this big move went for him? We sat down with Joep to hear his story straight from the source.

Software implementation

Joep: “I was already on board at MegaGroup in connection with the phase 1 project I supervised to get the Poznan warehouse workers up to speed on the WMS software. After that, I was also involved in getting the second warehouse in Poland operational. This new semi-automated warehouse is designed to significantly streamline logistics processes. Due to the time constraints of the move and the fact that we were dealing with numerous stakeholders, it was a complex project. I brought together the various parties, successfully navigated the required test phases and facilitated smooth coordination. All the while, parallel to my project, MegaGroup was also implementing an ERP system. That, too, created challenges and required effective collaboration. The WMS software has now been successfully implemented in the new distribution center, and the old warehouse has since closed.”

Exceptionally structured

Annette van der Hoek is chief operating officer at MegaGroup. “I know Joep from when we worked together at Friesland Campina, where he was brought in from TMC to lead a project. Later, in my role at MegaGroup, when I was looking for support in Poland, Joep was the first person I thought of. We achieved a highly successful result, and Joep played a very big role in that. It was a complex project, which he led both remotely and on site. Few people are as structured, focused, dedicated and results-oriented in their work as Joep. At the technical level, he really knows his stuff and engages effectively with software vendors. With his exceptionally structured approach, he managed to keep his team of myriad personalities on track and working together seamlessly. Joep earned every accolade from the entire steering committee and the management team!”

Inspiring meetings

Joep has been an employeneur at TMC for over ten years and has numerous successful projects to his name. He also made a vital contribution to the creation of the Supply Chain Management business cell. Joep: “I was involved in setting up that business cell at the time. Among other things, I conducted inspirational meetings for the cell's employeneurs. Judging by the high participation rate, there was considerable interest in the topics I covered. It makes me happy to know I have been able to contribute to the personal development of fellow employeneurs and that I have been valuable to TMC in this way.”

Approachable, down-to-earth and transparent

“Why do I still enjoy my job after ten years? TMC is a fairly flat organization, without cascading layers of management, and that lowers the threshold for contact with co-workers. What also really appeals to me is the typical Brabant down-to-earthness and informal atmosphere found at TMC. There is even a bar in the foyer of our building where you can have a drink with co-workers or your manager. Something else I like about TMC as an employer is the transparency they offer, in how your salary is structured, for example. It is completely clear which amount goes to you as an employeneur and which amount goes to TMC. That transparency is not a given among organizations in this industry.”

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Business manager Manufacturing Support, Netherlands

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