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Vortex Project wins TMC Employeneur Award

Twice a year TMC awards the Employeneur Award to several people or projects that display the employeneurial spirit of TMC. Last week, the Vortex Project, an initiative of eight Employeneurs from the Entrepreneurial Lab, won the Employeneur Award 2014. This award rewards the proactive attitude of the group over 2014 and the invention of a Vortex Cannon for entertainment purposes. The group won €1.000,-, which can be spend on the further development of the product.

‘The idea of the Vortex Cannon started with my personal experience that year after year I tried to buy tickets for the Tomorrowland Festival, but every time it turned out that the festival was sold out within seconds,’ Ted van Hoof, Account Manager Nanotechnology states. ‘I said to myself: there has to be another way to get access to the festival and why not with an engineering approach. I came to the idea of building an automatic Vortex Cannon for entertainment purposes and sent out an invitation to all TMC members to join me. After getting a team, consisting of eight Employeneurs from several business cells with different backgrounds, we organised a pizza session in which we brainstormed about the possibilities. We came up with the plan to develop a Vortex Cannon which gives nice visual effects on fun events like festivals.’

‘We started the project in October 2014 and met every Thursday evening to work on it,’ Ted continues. ‘In December the demonstrator was finished, just in time for the TMC End of the Year party where we showcased the product. We got a huge response on the Vortex Cannon and everyone was really enthusiastic! I remember Rogier van Beek (TMC’s CFO), saying: “I sometimes can’t believe what our employeneurs can do when their creative minds get together.” That of course, was a very big compliment! We were all so excited that we decided to continue the project and turn the demonstrator into a market ready prototype. We already have a customer for whom we tailor the Vortex Cannon for a big festival in Eindhoven!’

‘I think the strength of our group is that we work with a team of enthusiastic Employeneurs with different competences and backgrounds that complement each other. Everyone has its own perspective and has contributed to the project. Winning this award rewards our hard work and what we have accomplished in such a short period of time. Although every one of us has his own goals – like gaining skills, expertise and experiences – our common purpose is to have fun! And if we can make it to the Tomorrowland Festival with our product, well, I think one of our dreams has really come true!’

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