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Sun over Holland

As one of 15 companies, TMC participated in the production of a study ‘Zon op Nederland’. TMC’s mechanical and chemical professionals took part in the analysis of the opportunities for the Dutch Solar Sector. It is one of the initiatives of the TMC Solar Community.

A detailed analysis was made in the area of applications (built environment, greenhouses, transport) and in the area of production and product technology (materials, processes, cells, modules, sustainability). In addition, the Dutch Ecosystem was compared with other ecosystems worldwide, and business models were analysed.

It was important to gain a meaningful overview of application areas, products and production technologies. The partners jointly worked on a sensible judgement of the feasibility and significance of technologies and application areas in order to understand their potential for the Dutch ecosystem.

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The partners presented their comprehensive roadmap for the Dutch Ecosystem to the Dutch Government. This roadmap includes aspects like the market, technology, eco-system and business model trends.

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