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Renewable Energy

On Wednesday January 22nd we kicked off TMC Renewables with a brainstorm session to find out what topics, related to renewable energy, drive TMC employers. Some 30 persons were present, all in some way aligned to TMC. Another 15 people had expressed their interest. The brainstorm led to a multitude of subjects regarding energy: its generation, storage, distribution and management.

Among the most popular ideas were:

Artificial photosynthesis for carbon capture and storage;
Material scarcity;
Decentralized electrical and thermal generation and storage;
Renewable energy systems for the 3rd world;
In-house recycling systems.
These ideas will build the breeding ground for a series of thematic workshops, starting in March. In these workshops, we will attempt to bring together detached industries and disciplines with the aim to grow novel concepts of the implementation of renewable energy.

Project proposal

TMC filed, together with several industrial and academic partners, a project proposal on renewable energy within the TKI Energo - multifunctional building elements and energy performance and control. With this consortium, TMC aims at improving the sustainability of the built environment which is responsible for around one third of the total energy demand in the Netherlands (heat as well as electricity). The developments will contribute to a significant time and accessory cost reduction for the renovation of homes. TMC commits with technical solutions to a more sustainable environment based on renewable energy by exploiting the large pool of knowledge and technical expertise present within their employeneurs.

If you want to join, please do not hesitate to contact Sibe Mennema or Jan Gilot.

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