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Refrigerated Trailer

In the transportation industry the reduction of noise and CO2-emissions is a huge topic. Remarkably, sustainable solutions have not been developed yet for refrigerated trailers for which an old fashioned diesel engine is still the main power source. Trailer rental company Twan Heetkamp – in cooperation with TRS (transport refrigeration systems), TPTS (trailer services) and Valx (axles) – have initiated a project to develop a sustainable trailer that uses brake and solar power as the main energy source.

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TMC-professionals designed and implemented a fully operational prototype. The major technical challenges were:

Development of a trailer axle with a hydro-mechanical system to convert braking energy into electric energy.
Mounting conventional solar cells on a semi flexible trailer rooftop.
Developing a sophisticated energy management system.
Managing all contributing parties towards a successful result.
Currently the prototype is being successfully tested by one of the largest supermarket distributors in the Netherlands.

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