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Most of the time all you need is room to play | E3

The Entrepreneurial Lab offers TMC Employeneurs the opportunity to make their technical dreams come true. It provides a safe environment where our Employeneurs can experiment firsthand what it takes to create a product, run a multidisciplinary project and become an entrepreneur. A space where experts can cooperate across the boundaries of their field and free of day-to-day restrictions. The Entrepreneurial Lab is the superlative of Employeneurship and TMC wholeheartedly stimulate it by providing resources and bringing people together. Most of the time all you need is a room to play.

We proudly present some of our successful projects and their success stories. We want to give insights on the current entrepreneurial projects our TMC Employeneurs are working on. We want to show that our entrepreneurial possibilities are endless. During the event we help, inspire, stimulate and guide your entrepreneurial journey.

We welcome all TMC Employeneurs, clients, professionals from the technical field and true entrepreneurs to join E3. Together we can boost each other’s expertise and experience with new insights and inspiration. We want you to connect and share ideas at our event, to increase the chance of successfully allowing ideas to be further developed in entrepreneurial teams.

We provide the opportunity to visit our projects and follow several interactive presentations. There are three different tracks. Depending on what information you are interested in, you can choose between: ENABLE | ENERGIZE | EXPOSE.

ENABLE | ‘What enables your technical startup?’ These sessions guide you from Intellectual Property via finding the right people for your team towards helpful software tooling to start up your entrepreneurial idea.
ENERGIZE | ‘How can you energize yourself and others to boost innovation?’ You may think of how your personal values can successfully effect your team and environment.
EXPOSE | ‘Can you see and/or experience The Entrepreneurial Lab projects?’ All showcases from The Entrepreneurial Lab are presented at the fair. Here you can easily get in contact with the creative minds behind the different projects; ask questions, give advice or gain new insights.

How to sign up? Go to: fill in your personal data and you will receive an invitation for E3, November the 3th! See you there!

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