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Lab Cooperation With Solar Advisor

TMC has successfully created innovative applications on the solar market. Gerard de Leede, CEO at SCX Solar, a company active in design, installation and distribution on the solar market, is advisor to TMC about solar product applications. “TMC has a tremendous potential for creating new applications on the solar market, due to the entrepreneurial, informal environment and multidisciplinary know-how that is at hand”, states Gerard.

“We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to applications that will become available in the coming decade due to the severe cost drop of solar installations”. Recent examples of TMC contributions are the Cattle Cabin and the refrigerated trailer that are described elsewhere on the Porch pages. While the industry focused on scaling up production and improving cell efficiency, the territory of solar applications remained almost unexplored. Since most of the manufacturers have moved to Asia, and even production equipment will have a hard time for several years, current opportunities lie in the product development field. The building construction market – now in deep crisis - is a segment in search of new integrated solar applications and combinations with installation technologies.

The engineers working for TMC can generate cross-links with other technologies. The innovation of the refrigerated trailer, working on a battery system for cooling, is a great example. The trailer taps energy from the 3 kW solar panels on the roof. The energy of the brakes, through a specially developed axle reducing noise and emissions, offers the possibility of supermarket deliveries at night. “This breakthrough would have been impossible without TMC’s multidisciplinary approach and network ”. This case shows that with 350,000 refrigerated trailers in Europe, this potential market segment for solar applications amounts to 1 GW. For SCX Solar, this segment can be an interesting boost for its solar activities. The same can be said about the partners: TRS (transport refrigeration systems), TPTS (trailer services) and Valx (axles). For TMC there are, beyond doubt, potential new customers on a new market for further developments of this technology.

“From my point of view as an entrepreneur, TMC LAB has proved itself as an excellent breeding place for new technologies”, concludes Gerard.

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